WURFL Licensing

WURFL consists of two main parts: the WURFL repository and the APIs to access it. From a licensing perspective, these are totally separated components, each with its own licensing.

APIs: there are a few WURFL APIs available on the Internet. APIs can be classified in two families:

Repository: The WURFL repository is the effort of ScientiaMobile, a US company which maintains the database and coordinates the contributions from third-parties. ScientiaMobile has the copyright for the WURFL repostiory and the way the data is organized and represented.
WURFL users are NOT allowed to use, copy, display and distribute derivative work of the WURFL repository.
The WURFL data can only be used in connection with one of the official standard APIs released and supported by ScientiaMobile. The first supported version of the ScientiaMobile WURFL API is version 1.3.X.
Companies that intend to use WURFL (either API or data) commercially should contact ScientiaMobile to learn about the licensing options for WURFL.
Additional license options, as well as more frequent updates of the wurfl.xml file, are available to commercial licensees of the WURFL framework.

For your convenience, here is the wurfl.xml license:


Copyright (C) 2011-2012 ScientiaMobile, Inc., Reston, VA, USA

Dear User,

The WURFL file contains information about the capabilities of mobile devices
and the browsers running on them. This information is collected to allow
developers to build mobile websites and mobile services that adapt themselves
to the actual features of the device and browser. 

This file is brought to you by ScientiaMobile, Inc. (http://www.scientiamobile.com),
a US Company that offers commercial licensing, APIs, tools and support for WURFL.

The WURFL file is the Copyright of ScientiaMobile. 
Permission is granted to use one copy of the WURFL file only under the
circumstances and conditions specified here below. All rights are otherwise

You are authorized to use the WURFL file AS IS, without modification and solely in
connection with one of the standard WURFL APIs, starting from version 1.3, 
released and supported by ScientiaMobile and available at
the official WURFL website at http://wurfl.sourceforge.net.

You are not authorized to create a derivative work of or otherwise modify
this WURFL file, and you are further not authorized to use, copy, display,
or distribute, in each case, any derivative work of this WURFL file,
whether created by you or someone else.

Organizations that intend to use this file or the data contained in it commercially
or under different licensing terms should contact ScientiaMobile 
(http://www.scientiamobile.com) to learn about licensing options for WURFL.

        This file is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied 
Use of the WURFL file is permitted only under express acceptance of the
terms above. Therefore, by downloading, copying or otherwise making use of
the file you accept to be bound by said terms.

Please post any suggested modifications for future releases and/or comments 
to the file on the WMLProgramming mailing list on Yahoo Groups:


Alternatively, you can email your suggested modifications and comments
to the ScientiaMobile team at:


ScientiaMobile reserves the right to include third-party contributions with
or without modifications at its sole discretion.