WURFL Device Detection and Intelligence

WURFL is the industry standard for Device Detection and intelligence. Leading internet companies like Facebook and Google use WURFL to drive their mobile optimization, advertising and device analytics. Our WURFL Device Description Repository (an API and xml file) provides accuracy and speed developed over 15 years, containing over 45,000 device profiles. WURFL supports Java, Scala, Golang, Node.js .NET and PHP platforms. These APIs are ideal for companies that wish to closely integrate with their own applications.
For an introduction to Device Detection, this document will give you an overview of the technology and present all the use-cases for Device Detection

How WURFL Works

Developers across a range of industries need a fast way to identify the devices with which users access their sites and services. To do this, the WURFL API reads the header of the HTTP request generated by the device and extracts the User Agent string. Next, the WURFL API uses a finely-tuned matching algorithm to identify the device and extract its “ capabilities” (e.g. device model, browser, OS, screen width, etc.) from a data source (the WURFL XML file). With these device capabilities results, a developer can write code that will optimize the mobile experience in several ways.


ScientiaMobile Support Forum is open to all WURFL users, both Commercial and Evaluation license users. It represents the combined knowledge base for the WURFL community.

Start Using WURFL Now

WURFL for Java, Scala, .NET, or PHP is available under a 30 days Evaluation license for users who have registered for an account. Once registered, users will have access to download WURFL OnSite components (including API and XML files) from within their account vault. The Evaluation package comes with an XML file containing several of our popular WURFL Device Capabilities

Beginning with WURFL Release 1.8, ScientiaMobile will only offer WURFL under either a Commercial license or the Evaluation license. Previous users of AGPL or other Open Source license versions are welcome to evaluate WURFL OnSite for 30 days under the Evaluation license. After 30 days, you can contact us here to acquire a Commercial license. We also offer several other products that may fit your budget and needs (WURFL.js, WURFL Cloud).

Users who purchase a Commercial license benefit from ScientiaMobile’s continued innovation, improvements, maintenance, and support. Over the last several years, we have released several exciting new products, improved performance of the API, and grown our device data to over 45,000 device profiles. Commercial customers receive weekly XML file updates. They have the choice of selecting from over 500 WURFL device capabilities. They also received ticketed support via our Enterprise support portal.


    Test a UA string on the latest and greatest WURFL: