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Class: WURFL_Handlers_Matcher_RISMatcher

Source Location: /Handlers/Matcher/RISMatcher.php

Class Overview

WURFL Reduction in String user agent matcher.


Implements interfaces:


Class Details

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WURFL Reduction in String user agent matcher.

This User Agent Matcher uses its match() method to find a matching user agent by removing characters from the right side of the User Agents one-by-one until either a match is found, or the string length is lower than the specified tolerance.


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Class Methods

static method INSTANCE [line 38]

static WURFL_Handlers_RISMatcher INSTANCE( )

Returns an instance of the RISMatcher singleton


access:  public

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method match [line 52]

string match( $collection &$collection, $needle $needle, $tolerance $tolerance)

Returns the closest match of $needle in $collection of user agents


return:  Device ID that matches user agent or null if not found
access:  public

Implementation of:
Attempts to find a matching $needle in given $collection within the specified $tolerance


$collection   &$collection   array Array of user agents
$needle   $needle   string substring to look for in user agent
$tolerance   $tolerance   integer Minimum required length of prefix match

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