WURFL Official APIs



Database (Tera-WURFL)



  The WURFL Standard APIs are distributed with a Affero GPL (AGPL)Version 3 License. Companies and organizations that are not comfortable with the provisions of AGPL can obtain a commercial license from ScientiaMobile, Inc. Among other things, this implies access to more frequent repository updates.

Note: A WURFL C++ API is available commercially (i.e. it is not distributed by ScientiaMobile under AGPL or other FOSS license).

WURFL Cloud Client

The software to access the WURFL Cloud Client is usually not referred to as an API to avoid confusion with the Standalone APIs (see above). Of course, a Cloud Client also implements an API to oobtain device information and hide the complexities of communicating with the ScientiaMobile cloud. The ScientiaMobile Cloud also has a free offering for hobbyists, micro-companies and whoever intends to try the cloud for evaluation purposes